On the Dry Side

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Monday January 10
Keeping a dry pattern in the forecast.  Refill time.
Overall, weather over the next 2 weeks is trending on the dry side.  Some mornings will present fog, as the air, at times, will be still and stagnant.  
For this week, moderate-to-heavy rain will fall over the Olympic Range & North Cascades, Canada’s Coastal mountains, and Vancouver Is.  The 'train of rain' will run through Wed in those locations.  Freezing levels will rise, so snowmelt will add to high outflows of rivers & creeks.  Oregon and the lowlands of ID will remain dry.  A short squirt of showers possible in western OR on Thu.  The coming weekend is looking dry and mild for all of the PNW, excluding showers over the northern half of Vancouver Is.
The 3rd week of 2022 is trending mostly DRY except for possible showers over northern Vancouver Is and maybe north of Mt Vernon on Tue Jan 18.  Colder air will be moving south out of the Yukon/Alberta region down into the heartland of the US.  Idaho and to the east may pick up some snow.  Note: the west coast should miss out on the winter action, but we have seen a few outlier model solutions building the Pacific High northwestward into Alaska, opening the door for another modified-Arctic blast in the PNW.  We cannot forecast this outlook right now, but mention it because of what happened in December - back then, the 'outlier solutions' ended up verifying quite well.
For now, expect dry & relatively mild weather for the week of Jan 17-21.  In fact, we may experience temperatures in western OR teasing the upper 50s and lower 60s. on the 20 & 21st.  However, if that colder air mass descends a few hundred miles farther west, PNW temperatures will chill down later that week as an easterly wind picks-up.  
We will project a chilly, east/northeast wind weekend on the 22 & 23 of January.  Snow levels will be low, if we have some moisture around.
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