Pleasant August Ending

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Monday August 21
A few adjustments in the long-range outlook since our last report.  Still, a generally pleasant last couple of weeks for Aug 2023.  Mug up, Patron.
Very unusual for clouds & rain to flow over OR from a pacific hurricane, but such is the case last night & this morning.  HILARY brought on flash floods, heavy rain to Baja, S. Calif., NV, and yes, moderate-to-heavy rain from John Day east into western ID.  To top it off, a moderate 5.1 earthquake rocked Ventura County, CA - your host graduated from Ventura High School in ’71.  
For the PNW, this week will be mild with periods of cloudiness over the Puget Sound and southern BC (a shower possible Tue) and mostly sunny for OR, after the HILARY moisture moves off.  It will warm up the last 2 days of the week, with temps in OR likely to top into the upper 80s or even the low 90s, esp Fri.  The coming weekend looks warm - 80s mostly - for nearly all of the PNW; warmer east side, per normal.
The last week of August is still trending pleasant, with a short cooling trend for a couple of days before the extended Labor Day weekend.  Showers will be possible from the Puget Sound north next Tue & Wed.  
Labor Day weekend:  summer may return in force, with another notable HEAT WAVE to start September 2023.  Models are indicating a classic heat build-up into the PNW from CA beginning Sat Sept 2.  We do see the possibility for high 90s to low triple-digit readings west of the Cascades Sunday & Labor Day, Sept 3,4.  If this verifies, it would set up a 5-6 day PNW heat wave, with 90+ temps lasting until Wed or Thu, Sept 6,7. We’ll keep tabs on this as the dates near.  Hopefully, it will not be so hot.
From the ’Net: “The most dangerous drinking game is seeing how long I can go without coffee.”  
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