Pleasant Fall Start

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Friday September 2

Is it Fall?  Well, get your morn’n Mug ready and read on.
Meteorological fall starts Sept 1.  Astronomical fall starts with the Sept Equinox - when the Sun crosses the Equator (truly rises ‘due east and sets ‘due west’), which will be on the 23rd.  So, with Mug in hand, welcome to Fall 2022!  What about the weather for the next couple of weeks? 
The holiday weekend will be decent.  Not too hot, as an onshore flow will prevail.  A few drizzles or showers - primarily north of Seattle on Sunday and lots of sunshine around the PNW.  Outdoor activity should go fine.
Next week will, overall, be pleasant.  It should cool down a few degrees mid-week with another Low transversing NW WA, followed by high pressure ridging late week to set up the warmest days Thu through Sat, Sep 8-10.  
The second weekend of Sep will be mild, with increasing onshore breeze by 9/11.  Some model solutions keep it rather warm throughout that weekend.  We have time to adjust in the upcoming forecasts.
Mid-September is trending generally dry with mild temperatures before a possible ‘last swing at Summer’ in the Sep 16-20 period with warmer afternoons.  A couple model runs hint at some precipitation over San Francisco and southern OR around the 12-14.  Not a lot of confidence in this aspect, but the drought in that region could sure a meteorological fall rain.  
Topical Tropical:  two named storms will play out in the early days of Sept - DANIELLE and EARL.  Both will likely become ‘Fish Storms’ - tropical storms/hurricanes that wander over the Atlantic, with no threat to landfall.  A couple of Pacific hurricanes are charting to clip southern Baja. 
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