Pleasant Pattern

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Friday May 26
The PNW will experience pleasant, dry conditions as May ends and June begins.  Periodic thunderstorms & showers over the eastern basins are possible, but the west side should remain dry & mild.  Mug up.  Read on.
An onshore breeze will remain Nature’s air conditioner over the PNW for the next 2 weeks.  Occasionally, mountain showers will pop up, with an expanded area of thunderstorms possible over the eastern portions of OR, WA and ID this holiday weekend (and again around June 5,6).  Temperatures will remain mild, ranging from the lower 70s to lower 80s.  
In general, this type of Spring pattern is stable and lasting, so expect little change in the weather through at least June 10, when west side showers are possible as a weak front approaches the coast.
Portion of Hubbard Glacier (~6 miles wide & 300+ ft high at water line) advancing into Disenchantment Bay.  Lack of cloudiness is quite rare in these parts.  Hubbard actively calfs icebergs into the bay, with stunning resulting colors.  This one floated by our veranda May 17, 2023.  We are 1 mile from the glacier.
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