Plenty of Sunshine

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Memorial Day 2023
We lift our Mugs in honor of our Nation’s Fallen Heroes.  They are not forgotten. 
Plenty of sunshine continues to be the key attribute of the long-range wx outlook.  Current model projections keep a steady course of sun, onshore breezes - strong at times - and mild-to-warm afternoons through June 16.  There will be periods of thunderstorms / showers, mainly over the southern Cascades and portions to the east, esp June 8-11.
Onshore flow will increase notably Tue & Wed this week, and again this Sunday & Monday.  In between, we will experience warmer temps as the marine air influence wanes a few days.  Mid 80s late this week is possible; a bit cooler for Patrons around the Puget Sound; a similar ‘warm-up’ is likely June 6-8.
Enjoy the pleasant conditions - great for gardening, farming, graduations & outdoor activity.
These images below of a humpback whale were taken by Rufus in Stephens Passage / Juneau during our whale watching excursion on May 16.  The wx was “Alaska Perfect” - exceptionally clear, calm & 78 degrees.  
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