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Friday June 2
Long-term pattern remains stable, so expect more pleasant weather ahead.  Refill time.
While there will be a short heat-up early next week, overall conditions will remain mild with onshore flow holding afternoon temperatures in the comfort zone.  Tue next should be the warmest day of the next 10.  Upper 80s to low 90s - just about everywhere for just one day.  Cooling back into the lower 80s as next week ends.  A weak southerly flow aloft may kick-in by mid-week, opening the door for eastern Oregon & Cascade showers; still dry west side.
The weekend of Jun 10,11 is looking mild and dry, with weak onshore flow.  The marine push of air will increase as the following week (Jun 13-16) gets going, with the potential for showers throughout the PNW.  However, by Thu that week, the air mass will dry out again, with another round of WARMER temperatures (80s - 90s) probable to close out the week and set up a warm 3rd weekend of June 2023.
Bottom line: a fairly dry June is on tap, which follows a very dry May.  Water resources are not at risk, but prudent to manage conservatively, as a long, dry summer may be in the works.  Early yet, but a strong El Niño pattern is developing off the South American coast, ending a rare, 3 consecutive years of La Niña.  Get ready for the media to crank-up scary wx forecasts once this confirms.  Keep your sanity Mug handy.
Stop by again on Monday.  Thanks.
“Worry often gives a small thing a big shadow."
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