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Monday June 5
No big change in the weather is expected over the next 12 days.  We could stop there, but details always go well with your morn’n beverage.  
A few warm-to-hot days; a few mild, with onshore winds.  Still dry.  The onshore breeze will weaken by tomorrow, with temps responding by popping up into the high 80s to lower 90s across much of the PNW.  It will cool back down again beginning Wed, with the winds remaining weak through Sat, other than a notable westerly through the Columbia Gorge (to the delight of windsurfers).  East side showers/thunderstorms possible Fri & Sat.
The week of Jun 12-16 will remain generally dry, with notable onshore W-to-NW winds picking back up again (frustrating growers that need to apply crop protection treatments).  We should also note that Thu & early Fri may bring on a very weak, cool air Low over the Puget Sound, with increasing clouds and chance for a stray shower as far south as Portland.  More of a cloud event, not a rain pattern.  It will turn cooler.
The weekend of Jun 17,18 is trending dry, but cooler under the colder air aloft the moved in per the system mentioned above.  
Rain Watch: early yet, but we are seeing the potential for a wet June system that could arrive by Mon Jun 19.  What’s changing?  Well, the high pressure ridge that has stationed to our west is modeled to drift farther west, opening the door for cooler air, along with weak Low pressure troughs, to move down the Alaskan Panhandle & BC coast for a slightly cooler pattern around the region.  Very typical for June.  We’ll monitor closely, as this “dirty ridge” pattern could hold for a week or more, yielding a round or two of precipitation as the second half of June runs its course.  
“The world’s work is done every day by people who could have stayed in bed, but didn’t.”  Take on the week and return to your virtual WxCafé again on Friday, Mug in hand.
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