"Rainy Days and Mondays"

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Friday February 11
“— always get me down.”   A classic tune (Carpenters 1971) which explains the next couple of Monday’s well.  Mug up & hum along, Patron.
Seriously, the next two Mondays will be wet, with dry conditions in between.  An offshore, east wind should pick-up this weekend, helping to clear the low cloud deck and allowing some sunshine in lower elevations.  A 'cold-hearted' disturbance will arrive by Valentine’s Day (Mon) ushering in a splash of precipitation for a few hours.  
That cold front will weaken as it moves over northern CA on Tue, returning the PNW to dry conditions on into the next weekend, Feb 19,20.  NW breezes will be in play most of next week.  That weekend may bring back some fog in the mornings, esp south of Salem.  Cool showers and/or cloudiness is possible for Patrons on Vancouver Island.  
A weak cold is charting to move over the PNW again overnight Sunday into Mon Feb 21.  The latest model solutions weaken this so much, we may escape without much rain, but for now, expect at least some showers as that cold air cell moves south over the PNW into California.  This system is likely to develop into a decent winter storm over the Golden State, and provide unwanted wet conditions to the blossoming almond orchards in the Sacramento Valley; snow in the Sierra Nevada range.
Cool weather over the PNW following the damp Monday system will yield to more rainfall later in the week.  Model scenarios vary, of course, as to the intensity and spacing of wet systems, but we can at least project that the Feb 22-25 period should be more wet than dry.  A change from an otherwise dry second month of 2022.  
The last weekend of February is trending mild and dry, with foggy bottoms returning to the usual locations.  
Often kids ‘rewrite history’ in essays.  Here’s a good one:  “Benjamin Franklin invented electricity by rubbing two cats backward.”  
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