Short Shots of Rain

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Valentine’s Day 2022 
The cold-hearted storm is arriving, so breezy conditions, short-shot of rain with a few inches of mountain snow.  Love it.  What’s next?  Refill that Mug for those details.
The air mass moving in is the coldest in several days, so showers will pop up, at times, on through early Tue.  Other than an outside chance for a shower along the coast range on Wed, the rest of this week will be dry, with slightly warmer temps each afternoon.  Don’t count out a foggy morning, in the usual locations.  The coming weekend will start out dry, before another damp system moves Saturday night, Feb 19 from the NW.  Rain band will drape across the region, north-to-south, as Sunday progresses.  This storm will be notably wetter than our Valentine’s Day system.  Also, the air aloft will be colder, post-frontal passage, so expect snow levels to drop considerably overnight Sunday.  
FROSTY Monday morning Feb 21, even for Patrons in the Sacramento Valley (if the wind lets up there).  The storm will bring cold temps deep into southern CA, so snow showers in the mountains around Los Angeles are possible.  A weak secondary front may usher in rain/snow mixed showers - over the Puget Sound north of Everett Monday night; snow showers for the Cascades.  Mid-week will remain chilly, but dry.  Next round of precipitation may arrive on Thu Feb 24 and be confined to western WA; OR should remain dry south of Portland.  Dry to end the last full week of February.
Dry & mild is charting for Sat and Sunday Feb 26,27.  Models hint at rain - again - returning on a Monday, Feb 28, but only over NW WA and southern BC.  March should start dry & chilly, with an onshore breeze.
Second half of February:  we will get periodic, quick episodes of rain & showers breaking through mostly dry days.  Temperatures, in general, will trend cooler than the first half.  Don’t set out patio plants just yet, as sub-freezing overnight lows are in the works, as well.
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