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Friday August 19
A pleasant cool-down today, with more heat on the way soon.  Mug refilled?  Good.
As expected, the onshore flow was turned on rapidly last night, cooling down the region and setting up a pleasant sunny weekend.  There is some precip falling over the Puget Sound on the leading edge of a weak front this Fri morning.  Enjoy the refreshment.
The summer ridge of High Pressure will rebuild next week so that by Wed, temps will pop back up into the uncomfortable range.  Thursday is likely to be the hottest day next week (with a triple-digit reading possible in some west side locations). What was looking to be an extended heat wave lasting on through Fri the 26 plus the Aug 27th-28th weekend is now charting as a ‘repeat’ of the current pattern.  Meaning, next Fri could also present a cool-down onshore flow for relief from the heat.  That is the newest trend for the past few model runs.  Let’s go with it for now.
As implied, the last weekend of August will be warm, but pleasantly so.  The next HEAT WAVE is looking to develop during the week of Aug 29 - Sep 2.  While tweaking back & forth as to the ‘start' date, all indications are for a substantial heat up as August ends.  Early Sep is also looking quite HOT (95-105).  Temps could ramp up rapidly as early as Mon the 29th, or pause a couple of days until mid-week.  The hot wx could last 5-7 days, although some model solutions limit the heat to 3 or 4 days (normal for such patterns, esp in late summer).  We’ll see.
For now, plan on having warm-to-hot summer wx conditions for the next couple of weeks, give or take a mild afternoons (80s) scattered therein.  On the plus side, the humidity should be in a more comfortable range, as compared to the past few days of sweat-city.
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