Song of Summer Time

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Monday July 31
Good bye July.  No big change in the 2 week outlook since our last Mug together, so this will be brief.
Warmer period on the way, with a few days at or above 90 degrees; most in the 80s west side.  Thunderstorms may build along the peaks of the Cascades, esp in OR, at times.  This coming weekend looks a few degrees warmer than the days preceding, then a tad cooler for Tue & Wed Aug 8, 9 next week.  Partly cloudy around the Puget Sound next week, as well, as the onshore flow increases for a few days.  
We see the potential for a notable heat-up (90+ to low 100s many areas west side) beginning during the weekend of Aug 12,13 and extending into the following week; so too, will thunderstorm activity along the Cascades.  Typical August pattern.  No rain.
Ah, 'Song of Summer' time - yes, indeed, it is that time of year when western field crickets begin chirping their ’Song of Summer’.  Thanks to a Patron in NE Salem for her report of the song starting in that area a couple evenings ago.  As long-time Patrons know, we have of bit of entomological fun tuning in to when the crickets begin their chirping each summer.  On the west side of OR & WA, that timing is typically around Aug 6 - later if it has been rather cool ahead of Aug; earlier if warmer than usual.  This year it has been a tad warm, so we can expect more of the Song of Summer to be heard about the region before Aug 6.  Listen for the chirping in the evenings (kids & grandkids can have fun with this, too).  Once the crickets get going, they will ’sing’ in chorus until fall frosts.  Let us know!  We heard one sole chirper here in Albany a couple days ago, but nothing since.  
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