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Friday July 28
A slight adjustment in the long-range outlook may be in the works.  Pour yourself another morn’n beverage and let’s take a look at the possible change.
The primary difference in the outlook as projected on the charts is that west side areas of the PNW may not experience a long run of 90+ degree conditions in early August.   Current charting favors holding temperatures around the PNW in the mid-to-upper 80s, rather than a constant 90s to lower 100s.  (East side Patrons will still get a few days of 100+ heat, but even that may only happen on & off, rather than for 8 or 9 days in a row.)  We all know this could revert back to our earlier protections (see below), so stay tuned.  For now --
  • 82-86 for western OR through the weekend; Tri-Cities likely to pop 100.  Cooler around the Puget Sound.
  • Next week will turn warmer on Tue Aug 1 (could hit 90), but then dropping into the 80s until Fri Aug 4.  We still see 90+ possible during the weekend of Aug 5,6.
  • The week of Aug 7-11 looks to be over 90 on Mon and again on Fri; mid-80s otherwise.  Weekend of Aug 12,13 trends 85-91.  Yes, cooler around the Sound.
For the past week or so, we have been reflecting the model outlook concerning an extended heat wave pattern for the PNW in early August.  Charting was rather consistent, so too was our HOT forecast, with a few triple digit days west side.  Long-time Patrons know that model outlooks often revert back to previous forecast conditions as the actual ‘real time’ event period arrives.  Such may be the case this time, but we’ll have to wait and see.  Anyway, while we may escape 7 or 8 days of 90+ temps in a row, overall conditions will remain rather warm, with 90s sprinkled here & there.  A long stretch of 90+ may be Fri Aug 4 through Mon Aug 7.  That’s 4 consecutive days for the Willamette Valley & SW Washington.  No rainfall is expected, except for mountain thunderstorms, at times.
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