A Heat Wave Cometh

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Monday July 24 
The HEAT is coming, so enjoy the remainder of July especially if you have outdoor activities or work.  Mug up time.
It was about 5-7 degrees warmer each day this past weekend than we expected.  The other adjustment will be the ‘splash’ of precipitation arriving over the next 24 hrs.  Currently, a front is moving onshore with BC & WA getting rain/showers first, then the NW area of OR to follow.  A decent shot of precip north of Portland; possibility for dust-busting showers south to Lincoln City and Salem.  The clouds & showers will hold temperatures down in the pleasant range, as one would expect, early this week.  By Wed it will clear out, with temps moving back up a few degrees, but not super hot - yet.  
The coming weekend looks sunny & warm, with Sunday a couple degrees warmer, in the mid 80s. 
On Monday the 31st, even warmer temps arrive to start the week, as the regional atmosphere begins to set up for an extended HEAT WAVE over the west coast.  Next Tue & Wed, the first couple days of August get the opening call for hot.  90s in most locations, excluding coastal zones; triple digits east side.  The Puget Sound may remain cooler during the initial phase of this extended heat event.  As next week nears an end, temps will remain toasty.  
The weekend of Aug 5,6 looks to be hotter still - with temps in the 100s in many locations, both sides of the Cascades (yes, cooler over the Puget Sound, or so the models suggest right now).  Models indicate the build-up of thunderstorms along the eastern slopes of the Oregon Cascades.  FIRE issues will be elevated.
The August heat wave is charting to roll right on into the week of Aug 7-11.  Broadly, temps will remain in the 90s to lower 100s.  Around the PNW, west side heat waves typically last 3 or 4 days; this one could extend 8 or 9 days.  Plan accordingly.
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