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Friday October 29
The 6-7 day extended break from precipitation that we mentioned in our last write-up got spooked and left the model solutions.  Mug up.  Let’s see what the newest outlook is for early November.
Halloween weekend continues to look dry & COOL.  East-to-Northeast wind will begin as the air mass dries out, first over WA, then the rest of the PNW.  The heavy, flooding rains in NW WA are now passed.  That long band of precip finally got into OR overnight, after way over doing it in the rain dept for NW WA & BC.  Temperatures overnight during the weekend will be the chillest in quite some time.  NOTE: there is the possibility for another chance to view the Northern Lights Halloween weekend (Columbia River north)- as Geomagnetic Storm activity has returned.  Keep your eyes & cameras ready.
Next week: here’s the change - rain is now scheduled to return overnight Sunday & early Monday morning.  Break on Tue.  Then, a larger system arrives early Wed.  This front will produce a moderate rain band from BC to the Bay area of CA.  Drier late Wed & Thu but much cooler, as the air aloft is charting to be cold enough for snow showers below the passes on Thu.  A cold, BREEZY system arrives by Fri Nov 5 adding to the relatively low elevation snow fall (est 2,500 ft WA Cascades).  
Time Change Weekend of Nov 6,7 is trending to be mostly dry after some showers, mainly over WA Cascades Sat.  Temps could warm into 50s or lower 60s (south of Salem).  Truly, a pleasant fall weekend for early Nov. (Please note: a couple model runs keep the weekend mild, but wet at times.)  It will change abruptly by the next week.
Nov 8 - 12 is trending WET & BREEZY.  A series of strong Pacific storms will roll past, so expect plenty of low land rain & mountain snow, at times.  There could be winter-like cold air attached to the mid-week system, with foothill snow OR & WA, with snow/rain mix at the surface north of Everett.  Stay tuned.
The weekend of Nov 12,13 is looking extremely WET (2”-4”) & Stormy!  Details will be filled in, if models verify, as that period nears.
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