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Monday July 5
Weather will be very steady over the next 2 weeks, making it easier for planning summer activities.  Mug up & read on, Patron.
The warm temps over the holiday will ease up by a few degrees this week, then pop back to ‘warm' again this coming weekend.  Nothing extreme.  Some areas will have a morning marine cloud deck that will burn off by the afternoon.  Similarly, temperatures east of the Cascades be in the usual warmer-than-the-west-side pattern through the next 14 days.
Regionally, the onshore flow will increase notably around Tue or Wed, July 13,14.  Temps will cool down on both sides of the mountains; the marine cloud deck could hold on most of the day, esp north of Olympia.   That onshore flow should increase another notch by Sunday July 18, as a weak Low positions just west of the BC coast.  Cool for a few days.  Morning drizzle along the coast probable.  This could be our first below-normal temperature period of the summer.  
Bottom line:  DRY and seasonal for the next 14 days.  Summer in the PNW.
You may have already seen this, but it is funny:  “On March 10, 1876, Alexander Graham Bell makes the first phone call ever.  Moments later he was notified that his horse & buggy’s extended warranty had expired."
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