Call it Normal

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July 2
The Holiday weekend upon us.  So many celebrating getting out from under masks, along with the arrival of seasonal temperatures.  Call it Normal.  
It will warm up a bit during the long holiday weekend, but nothing extreme.  Eastern basins will remain hot, although temps are dropping back into the normal range. Thank goodness.  Overall, the weather for this 4th of July holiday will be some of the best.  No rain.  No extreme heat.  Fire issues will remain critical. 
As the month of July get under way, the pattern will remain dry & seasonal.  Chance for warmer weather later next week (upper 80s, lower 90s west side) before a run of several days with morning marine clouds, coastal drizzle and rather cool temps for July in the 13th - 16th period.  Hopefully, as many PNW crops will be harvested. 
California will continue on the hot side for the next couple of weeks; Utah & Nevada will in right in the center of the heat oven.  So dry.
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