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Monday July 1
New month, updated forecast, fresh morn’n java.  Let’s get this done - - -
Big U.S. holiday this week, with plenty of outdoor activities on the docket.  The weather will be on the warm-to-hot side, but no rain.  Pleasant temperatures will be on tap for all of the PNW through Wednesday.  Then, BOOM.  Starting the 4th, temps will begin to rise into the HOT ZONE as the extended holiday weekend gets going.  Don’t be surprised if portions some western OR top into triple-digits or very close by the coming weekend.  Yes, as noted in our last discussion, a ‘heat low’ will build north into the PNW, including BC.
Again, a Summer HOT pattern settles in by Fri July 5 and holds through Mon or Tue July 8.9.  Any Relief?  We should get a cool onshore flow for a couple of days next week - right now, Wed & Thu July 10,11 may be our ‘cooler’ heat-relief days until the 15th.  That’s it.  
Temps will pop back up into the 90s to set up another rather toasty weekend - July 13,14.  Probably not quite as hot as the first phase, but definitely uncomfortable, if one has to be outdoors for work or farming.  Speaking of farming - the projected outlook for temps around 95 or higher is NOT favorable for caneberries (red rasp, black caps, marions, etc); sun scald may be a quality-impact issue, as well as heat-stress impacting yield.  Of course, variance is a rule in forecasting, so maybe it will not be so hot.  A grower’s hope.
Back to the extended forecast: following a rather hot weekend, Mon July 15 looks somewhat cooler, with a return to an onshore flow for most of that week (15th - 19th), so expect temps to range in the 80s, generally; a bit warmer east side.
California:  Oh my.  The heat will be news-worthy because of the potential for brown-outs.  Triple-digit misery.  The summer monsoons are likely to start up in earnest over AZ, NV, NM, UT around July 13 - stay alert for flash-flood warnings.
🌀 Tropical Topical:  Yes, BERYL is a monster hurricane.  Currently, we see it tracking south of Cuba, crossing the Yukatán Peninsula and eventually the Mexico/Texas border area.  CHRIS (yet to be named) is following closely behind BERYL.  It should be a lesser storm, since much of the structure of the atmosphere that favors powerful storm development will be ‘somewhat drained’ by BERYL.  That stated, CHRIS will make a path that positions it over the Gulf of Mexico for potential re-strengthening.  Early yet, of course.
☀️ In summary: the PNW is about to experience a notable heat wave (which we define, in the more traditional way, as 3 consecutive days with temps at or above 90F in the shade).  Be prepared.  If you are traveling away from home, be sure plans are made for watering.  
Ag: water-up to stay ahead of elevated rates of evapotranspiration.  
From the ’Net:  “If one person says it’s raining, and the other says the sun is shining, it’s not the media’s job to quote them both; it’s their job to look out the window and report the truth.”
 🎉 HAPPY 4th.  Play & Stay Safe.
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