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Friday Fifth of July
The oven door is now open.  HEAT will be the main wx feature for the ENTIRE west coast, including southern BC.  For all kinds of reasons, please be careful — don’t ignore the cautions & wisdom of staying hydrated and as cool as possible.  We are not joining the ’nanny-state’ here, but the last big heat event in 2021 caused hundreds of fatalities.  True, this heat wave will not be that severe, but in all manner of speaking, it will be life-threatening.  Keep an eye on the elderly in your neighborhood, you could save a life.    Enough said.  Mug time.
Triple-digit temps for western OR, SW WA, CA (excluding beach zones) are in play through Mon, or even Tue.  Ninety degrees plus probable all the way up into Canada.  As Nat’ Wx scientists are saying, it will be the duration of this heat wave that is rather unique.  More than 3 days.  We see cooling on Wed July 10, as an onshore ’nature’s air conditioning’ turns on, even for northern CA.  That cooling will likely last a day or two, before warming back up above normal on Fri July 12.  
Next weekend does chart as HOT again; while triple-digit temperatures will not be quite as widespread, temps will be well into the 90s, with probable 100 - 102 in southern Willamette Valley, southern OR, east side, etc.  Puget Sound will also heat up again, but not as hot as the current weekend.
Longer-lasting RELIEF arrives beginning Mon July 15, as a cool trough moves down the Alaskan Panhandle/BC coast into the PNW.   Showers possible over Vancouver Island, north Puget Sound.  Ahh, mild temps return.  Even CA will cool down.  The SW desert monsoons will also begin in earnest.  The pleasant weather will continue on through that week, into the first half of the July 20,21 weekend.  Sunday the 21st will present a warming trend, with temps popping back up into the 90s as the following week gets underway.  
Small fruit crops will take a hit over the next several days.  All farm / outdoor work will be miserable.  Water, water, water.
From the ’Net: “He who drinks a fifth on the fourth, may not be able to go forth on the fifth.”  
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