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Monday July 17
The overall pattern remains in 'summer mode', so cold beverages will be predominant around The WxCafé™️.
As is the case every summer in the PNW, the key factor in holding temperatures down from excessive heat levels is an onshore, marine influenced flow.  A classic example is how quickly the hot temps yesterday evening dropped here in Albany - from 94 to 74 in about 3 hours - as the onshore flow increased.  That’s what will aid in keeping the PNW from the massive “heat dome” that will continue to impact the western states.  We will not escape completely over the next 2-3 weeks, but at least there will be ‘cool down’ periods - like now - to help mitigate the extremes.  
While precise timing will vary, here’s the outlook per current charting by the wx models--
*July 17-21: mild, then warm-to-hot, before cooling a few degrees to warm for the weekend of July 22,23
 July 24-28: warm, with few days of hot possible late week into the weekend of July 29,30
 July 29-Aug: warm then turning HOT by mid-week.  Could be hottest of the summer, to date.  Triple digits possible.
Of course, the Puget Sound typically will run a few degrees cooler than western OR & southwest WA; eastern basins warmer.  
*For those Patrons that are new -> Mild is 65-79, Warm 80-89, Hot is 90-100s.  That’s our rough, informal definition around The WxCafé™️
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