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Friday October 13
Good morn’n, Patron.  Before checking the long-range outlook — 
Lots of ‘asks’ about whether or not we will be able to view the Annular Solar Eclipse tomorrow morning in Oregon.  As we have indicated for over a week now, Oregon will be in between two damp systems.  --> We’ll forecast that there could be breaks in the clouds during the Annularity over Oregon, allowing for a chance to get a direct view of the Ring of Fire.  A chance, not a guarantee!  The sky is likely to be mostly clear of a ‘sun blocking’ cloud deck - at least inland, away from the coast.  High, thin clouds could ‘filter’ the direct view.  We do not see rain or showers coming into play during the Eclipse.  Southern Willamette Valley viewing sites: check various maps for details as to the precise timing for the peek event around Eugene / Roseburg.
Grab your ☕️Mug.  Increasing clouds today, with rain/showers arriving over OR by this afternoon.  Damp this evening for much of the west side from southern OR to Vancouver Island.  Saturday will turn wet again later in the day/evening; breezy.  Attributes of this system will be similar to Friday’s, but damp nonetheless and rather breezy over Vancouver Island.  Sunday looks to start out rather pleasant, as the next, stronger storm, is trending to arrive overnight Sunday into Monday. 
Next week:  WET and blustery on Monday. Rain moderate as the cold front passes.  Intense showers Monday afternoon into the evening.  Overall, Tue is looking fairly nice, with sunshine and cool temps.  The ’tail’ of a storm heading north of Vancouver Island will dampen the island on Wed; however, for the rest of the PNW, expect dry and MILD conditions.  Temps could reach 70 in places around the Willamette Valley Wed & Thu.  The Big High gets into position.
A large area of High pressure - a Dome - will develop west of the Rockies next week.  This will block Pacific storms and usher in a relatively mild dry spell for nearly a full week.  As noted above, temps will pop up into the 60s and lower 70s by Wed Oct 18.  Indeed, other than an outside chance for showers over Vancouver Is. next Fri Oct 20, the PNW looks DRY until a wet, windy storm arrives on Tue the 24th.  Fog, at times, may arrive, but it should burn off in the respective areas for pleasant, sunny afternoons.  Enjoy the colors of Fall.
Indications are for a stormy, wet and MUCH COOLER weather pattern arriving around the 24th and taking us through the balance of October.  First Frost before Halloween?  Ponder that.
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