Fall Rains Return

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Monday October 9
The great weekend to “tuck summer in” has past, we now return to a classic fall rain pattern for several days.  Here’s the latest.
Clouds & light rain has begun moving into the PNW, as a large, stretched out rain band is moving onshore (from the Bay area of CA all the way north into southern BC).  Given that this storm front has stretched out for hundreds of miles, the rain will be short-lived today.  That said, this afternoon should be rather mild, with decreasing rain/showers.
Another, stronger storm is rapidly moving across the Pacific and will impact the PNW starting late tonight.  Expect rain and WIND to increase Tue into Wed.  While not a major wind producing type storm, it will be windy and get noticed, esp with most of the fall foliage still on trees - “Leaf Sails”.  Broken limbs could be an issue; stay alert.  Right now, the stronger wind gusts are charting for overnight Tue into Wed, as the center Low moves onshore over the Olympic Range.  Tue & Wed will be quite wet, with many locations likely to receive over an inch of precipitation.  Cooler temperatures mid-week.  Thursday is trending DRY.  Another system is charting to move onshore sometime Fri the 13th.  Showers possible, esp late Fri into Saturday.  
Yep, in Oregon, the Annular Solar Eclipse time period is trending CLOUDY, with the chance for a shower in viewing areas west of the Cascades.  This could still shift to a more favorable condition, so stay tuned.  The darkening sky will still be mysterious, even if the 'Ring of Fire' is not visible.
Showers and clouds probable through Sat Oct 14, esp north of Portland.  Cloudy Sunday morning before another system threatens rain and/or showers to the region.  Models differ on timing and location of that Sunday/Monday Low pressure cell - as some solutions delay the moderate rain (and breezes) until Monday - with an emphasis on heavy rain over NW WA / southern BC receiving heavy rain first, before the rain fields shifts south across SW WA / NW OR on Tue Oct 17.  Wed the 18th will be showery, cool.  Heavy rain may return to NW WA and southern BC as that week ends, leaving most of OR on the drier side of the ‘jet stream’.  Too early to confirm.
The weekend of Oct 21,22 is trending DRY and pleasantly warm for late October.  Final week of Oct is just coming into model view — dry early, turning damp.  We’ll see.
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