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Friday September 29
Very delightful October weather on the way soon.  A Mug full of coffee, sweetened with patience, will suffice this morning.
Cool, showery Friday around the PNW, with most of the moisture falling across Oregon’s southern half, and to the east.  Saturday will be drier, with a chance for a shower here ’n there - not bad.  Sunday, the 1st day of October, will be pleasant, dry & mild.  Fog may come into play early in the mornings, burning off to yield sunshine.
Monday we could see increased clouds & showers, mainly over the northern portions of western WA and southern BC; OR is less likely to receive precip.  A random shower cannot be totally ruled out.  Then, 'The Delightful' arrives.
For Tue Oct 3 on through at least late-day Tue Oct 10 - weather around the PNW is trending absolutely delightful.  Plenty of fall sunshine, warm (70s & 80s), gentle breezes along the coast.  High pressure ridge will build in a ’summer position’, if you will, allowing for a 7 day stretch of outstanding wx.  Ag Patrons will appreciate that more than you know -- wrapping up those ‘must do’ farm projects, tucking things in for winter, late wine grape harvest, and especially the Oregon filbert harvest (hazelnuts).  
The PNW is typically blessed with nice stretches of warm, dry conditions in Sept and Oct.  This year is holding to that.  However, by the middle of Oct, we usually see a 'fall turn' to moderate-to-heavy rain as strong wind producing storms slam into the region.  THAT may be the case this year.  The prevailing long-range outlook suggests very wet weather, with potentially strong winds, moving into the PNW beginning around Oct 11. (There goes the clear sky view of the Annular Solar Eclipse, Sat Oct 14).
Ponder Point: strong PNW storms may develop on Fri the 13th and Sunday Oct 15. 
Stop by The Weather Café®️ this weekend, as we plan on posting a short write-up about the Annular Solar Eclipse (Eugene area will be prime for viewing).  The media will write thousands of pages of ‘copy’ over this event, so we’ll just post a few tidbits.  Keep your Mug handy this weekend).
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