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Monday September 12
Mild pattern ahead, which goes well with a morn’n java.
Pleasant weather for the week, if you enjoy cooler temps (60s - 70s) and a morning marine cloud deck that should clear by the afternoons.  Coastal locations may have drizzle, as well.  Wind should be gentle.  The pattern favors our hard-working firefighters.  Mid-level moisture will continue to stream to the NE setting off showers on the east side, on into ID.
The coming weekend is trending mixed.  That is, a chance for both showers & clearing because of a Low pressure trough that charts to move south along the OR coast.  Cooler weekend temps than the coming week, so find that sweater or sweatshirt.  It should not be a wash-out, just a definite fall feeling and wet pavement, at times.
That same Low will, interestingly, track over the Bay area of CA, before moving north again to become ’stationary’ right off the coast around Brookings.  The result?  A southernly flow of moisture that triggers mountain, and potentially valley thunderstorms - esp for OR - during the week of Sep 19-23.  Also, early that week, strong east winds may kick-up for a day or two.  Too early to confirm; we simply suggest the possibility.  
For the final weekend of September, models continue to go back-n-forth as to RAIN or mild-to-warm sunshine.  What’s happening is that the large-scale upper-level wind pattern may shift, ushering in a period of stormy fall weather.  A classic fall rain pattern for late Sep could begin that weekend, or shortly thereafter.  If that fails to verify, then the wx will continue dry for the PNW with mild-to-warm temperatures.  Keep your Mug handy.
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