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Friday July 23
"Beautiful portraits of the atmosphere are often painted on the canvas of the SW desert sky” -Rufus.  One such lovely ‘painting’ was photographed by Karen Peterson in Carson New Mexico last Thursday (image below).  For the PNW, lots of blue paint sky weather is in store, although temperatures will begin to heat up later next week.  Refill your Friday Mug.
The position of the Summer Pacific High pressure ridge continues to produce favorable weather for our region.  Onshore flow will ebb & flow for the next 2-3 weeks, resulting in mild temps along with a few hot afternoons thrown in for summer’s sake.  The only negative is the lack of precipitation (sorry, Firefighters).  Temperatures this weekend will bump up into the upper 80s to lower 90s across much of western OR (a bit cooler for Puget Sound Patrons); summer hot east of the mountains.  Next week will start out with a few cooler afternoons following morning clouds in some locations.  Then, we may enter an extended period of rather warm temperatures.
That’s right, the overall pattern is modeled to shift just enough to open that door for more summer heat.  The coming heat-up will NOT be anywhere like the last heat wave.  Still, the potential is there for a stretch of the warmest weather since that historic event.  Right now, by the end of next week, expect temps to ramp up into the lower 90s as the weekend of July 31-Aug 1 unfolds.  The heat will remain in play through the early days of August.  We are not forecasting 7 straight days of 90+ weather; just a run of days with temperatures running on the ‘warm side’ (85-99F), as compared to most of this past week (July 19-22).  Thu - Sat, Aug 5-7 are charting to be the coolest days between now and Aug 10.  We’ll see.
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Desert Sky by Karen Peterson

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