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Monday July 26
Our 2021 Summer pattern remains steady.  At least we have the option to vary our mornin’ beverage, right?  BTW: western field cricket ’songs of summer’ are now being noted by Patrons!  Early this year, but that is expected given how warm it has been since Spring.  It's always an annual treat for WxCafé (TM) Patrons to take note of the chirps of our field crickets.  Listen.  Once the crickets get going, the 'songs of summer' will last into the Fall.
Sunshine, with some high clouds and the chance for thunderstorms along the southern OR Cascades (fire risk), will be in store through Wed.  Come Thu, the upper level pattern will shift just enough to partially open the oven door again, esp for OR & SW WA.  This time, temperatures will remain below record levels.  Still, Thu through Sat are likely to be the hottest days since our last heat wave.  Oregon: 90s to low 100s west of the Cascades; Puget Sound region the upper 80s are possible.  East side will turn hotter and remain so longer than the west, per usual.  Some SMOKE from CA & southern OR fires could tease its way over western valley locations. but not at the surface.  
Sunday Aug 1 should be a bit cooler that the previous 3 days, as an onshore wind will begin to kick-up again.  Next week is trending seasonal, with a notable afternoon NW wind holding temps at bay.   
A ‘repeat play’ may take place next Thu - Sat, Aug 5-7 with temps bumping back up several degrees heading into that weekend.  Similarly, Sunday the 8th, should begin the next cool down, this time, temps may drop a little below average - if models are correct and a cool Low drifts south just off the coast of OR/WA.  That pattern could lead into a MUGGY few days once that Low, if it forms at all, moves west of northern CA.  Too far out to make that call.
A Pacific Hurricane may form and re-fuel the SW desert monsoons, subsequently resulting in notable thunderstorm action moving into our eastern basins & Cascades after the 12th of Aug.  
Bottom line:  no rain is foreseen for the next couple of weeks, excluding a shower under a thunderstorm in the mountains or east side.
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