Turning Drier

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Monday January 16
Drier pattern ahead, which will be spell relief for California.  Get your Mug ready.
Some showers over the Puget Sound area today, with drying on Tue; the rest of the PNW will be dry until late Tue night.  Wednesday will be WET with temperatures dropping considerably as the day progresses.  Snow will fall below the passes.  The Wed system will also be the last in the soaker-series of storms that have saturated the Golden State this month.  
As we head into the weekend, a weak system may bring showers over western WA north of Chehalis late Fri into early Saturday, but other than that, it will turn DRY all weekend for the entire PNW and CA.  We do NOT see any wind issues out of the Fraser Gap, as the High pressure dome will drop into the US farther to the east.  STRONG east winds will develop over CA during the weekend.
Next week is trending DRY for the PNW.  There could be fog in the usual locations, as the air will be still.  Models have varied considerably in charting the weather for the end of January.  The trend has been for a colder pattern, or at least one that brings wet, foothill snow systems in from the NW.  Expect the last weekend of January to be wet with the threat for SNOW at very low elevations.  
To repeat, the overall pattern continues to indicate a wintery-chill to end January.  The Yukon Dome bit from our last Mug together has trended off the charts (it could return, as we have seen many times).  We’ll visit the Café here on Friday for the next Mug time.  Enjoy the week.
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