Turning Warmer for Longer

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Friday June 30
For many, this weekend starts a long holiday / vacation period.  For all of us, wx models are going hot.  Change is always to be expected in long-range outlooks, such is the case as July gets underway tomorrow.  Here’s the latest…
Warm-to-hot summer pattern setting in (bye bye coolness) with temps beginning to climb into the 90s in many locations as the 4th of July approaches.  The Puget Sound area may remain in the 80s in most places, although we see indications that lower 90s are probable on the 4th & 5th.  
It will be quite windy in the afternoons the next few days, helping folks to ‘feel’ a tad cooler; however, the winds will decrease by the 4th, as that heat builds.  Beach goers will be dealing with blowing sand. 
As noted, the warmest days are likely to be next Tue & Wed, with an extension of the heat now trending on the latest charts for Thu & Fri, esp for western OR.  We also see indications that the heat pattern will expend into southern BC next week, as well.  FIRE issues will be critical, so please adhere to forest service postings, if camping.
Expect the DRY pattern to hold all the way through the weekend of July 8,9.  There is a slight chance for showers north of Chehalis after the 10th, but that’s too far out to peg a ‘for sure’ at this time.  It will be cooler for all locations July 10-15, as that “slow to arrive” cool air finally gets here.  An onshore flow will cool things down nicely.  We hope.
We will post a forecast on the 3rd, so stop by with your morning Mug.
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