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Monday June 7

Ah, some rain did fall, spotty & mainly north of Portland.  We should forecast 'no rain' more often, that way the region can dig out of this drought.  Seriously, it was good for several locations to get dust-settling showers.  A bit more on the way before it turns warm again.  Mug up time.
The PNW will be under the influence of a large trough of Low pressure that has settled in, so expect rather cool temps, periods of cloudiness and an occasional shower over the next few days.  The wind should diminish, relative to this past weekend.  Another chance for measurable rain/showers is on tap for late Thu Jun 10 on into Fri the 11th because another, more ‘organized’ Low will set up west of the coast and slowly drift south through the 15th.  The result will be warmer temps, a bump-up in humidity and chance for showers and/or thunderstorms, mainly west side & along the west slopes of the Cascades.  Therefore, the coming weekend should be mild & carry a risk for a shower here & there.  
Although the possibility of a June heat wave keeps popping up on some model solutions, it is less likely to occur early in the week of Jun 14-18.  Models are trending for continued mild temps & WINDY conditions the first part of that week, with an onshore flow prevailing.  The serious HEAT will remain over the desert SW, NV & UT.  It will take a western shift in the Pacific High to set up a heat wave in the PNW.  As mentioned, that is possible at some point around Jun 18 or 20th.  Give or take a day or two.   We’ll keep you posted, for sure.  For now, seasonal temps and BREEZY conditions through the week of Jun 14-18. 
The weekend of Jun 19,20 is trending on the warmer side of the previous several days.  Could be quite WINDY again on the 20th.  Keep the iced tea & sunblock handy, as that weekend may be transitional into a summer heat wave Jun 21-25.  Repeating: some model solutions keep the PNW on the cool side that weekend, but we have seen too many model runs of the PNW heating up to dismiss that possibility outright.  
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