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Monday April 10
An unwanted turn in the long-range outlook has been presenting on wx model charts since our last report.  In ’times like these’, forecasting is something we’d rather avoid.  But, it is our call, so Mug up and dare to read on.
Rain will taper off a bit later today, however, it will remain wet with cooler air moving in behind the current slow moving front.  Showers & thunderstorms, with small hail, possible tomorrow, Tue.  Yes, snowflakes are possible down to rather low elevations for April.  A small, tight surface Low is charting to drop into NW OR around Astoria Tue night, so, OR Patrons, don’t be surprised with rather strong wind gusts for a few hours before daylight Wed.  Mid-week looks mostly dry, turning warmer by Fri.   The unwanted - ready?
The stretch of dry, WARM afternoons we have earnestly waited for is now disappearing off the charts.  Yikes.  The culprit is an upper-level Low - and associated, broad surface Low - will move from NW Siberia to cross the Bering Sea, before settling west of the Alaskan Panhandle by this coming weekend.  So what, you ask?  Well, the warmer, dry air mass to end this week may ‘yield’ to that Low by Sunday Apr 16.  RAIN will return Sunday afternoon, along with a colder, showery pattern to start the next week.   Temps late this week, and early in the weekend will likely be the warmest of the season.
Wed Apr 19 may be the driest day of NEXT week.  Another wet & warmer system is charting to move in from the west by Thu the 20th.  Late Fri and early Sat Apr 22 should be dry, but then a wet Sunday will follow.
Always hope for the best.  Long-time Patrons know that often model solutions return to earlier scenarios, so we hope that is the case this time.  Spring 2023 needs to show up for longer than a couple of days!
From Derric Johnson’s "Lists - The Book" (1993):  Ketchup was once sold as a patent medicine.  In the 1830s it enjoyed a measure of popularity in the United States as DR. MILES COMPOUND EXTRACT OF TOMATO, guaranteed to relieve a multitude of ills.
Will it relieve bad weather?  Extra Ketchup, please,
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