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Friday June 21
Full summer mode now.  Will the weather cooperate?  ☕️ Let’s take a peek. 
For the rest of June, the overall pattern ahead remains that of an 'Up & Down’ mix of warm days & cooler ones with morning marine clouds (along with the chance for a stray shower or two, primarily over the Puget Sound region). 
Specifically, expect warm wx today & Satrurday, yielding to cooler temperatures Sunday & Mon, before the warmth returns next Tue & maybe Wed.  Then, temps drop again, with the returning chance for a few showers, north of Chehalis.  As noted, the end of next week will bring on another couple of warm wx afternoons - which could usher in a few 90s in western OR - before cooling on Sunday, Jun 30, to end the month.
July is charting to start with more persistent cool wx.  The cool trough (Low pressure) arriving Mon July 1 looks to be rather WET over the Puget Sound to start that week (1/8 - 1/4 inch of rain possible); OR should have more of a cloud even and ID looks damp.  Cool, morning-cloud-deck type of weather is charting for the 4th of July, with showers over the Sound on the 5th; dry for the rest of the PNW.  
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