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Friday March 24
The feel of a seemingly everlasting Winter is back.  Snow mixed with rain at the surface, or just plain snow if you move up a few hundred feet.  Yikes.  Anyway, the very cold air aloft for late March will make for a chilly weekend.  That said, expect heavy snow/hail/rain showers at times, with a crack or two of thunder, esp today through Saturday.  Travel east or west will require traction devices to stay safe.  Sunday should shift to a drier mode, esp by the afternoon.  
Monday also is charting dry.  HOWEVER, not so for southern & SE Oregon, which will be clipped with rain from the ‘top edge’ of a very strong storm that will SWEEP the entire state of California Monday & Tuesday.  Oh the woes & damage to California!  The storm we mentioned in our last report took 5 lives and brought havoc this past week.  Next week will see another news-making, damaging storm sweep across the state from north to south, into Baja.  Heavy rain and WIND!   As noted, the PNW will miss out on this system, except for the southern portions of OR (and maybe a shower or two north to Salem on Monday).
Around the PNW, it will be DRY on Tue, Wed, Thu next week.  Hurray!  Overnight Monday into early Tue, a notable east wind will kick-up out of the Fraser & Columbia gaps, but only for several hours.  Temps will moderate up from the chilly weekend.  'Last Call Storm’ — next Friday - the last day of March 2023 - a wet system with cold air support (very much like our current pattern) will arrive from the north, wetting the region from north-to-south into April Fool’s Day, Saturday.  Expect temps to plummet and snow levels to drop.  This system will not be quite as cold as the current one, but definitely winter-like to end March.  Snow in the coast & Cascades ranges, along with the chance for thunder & hail in the lowlands.
By Sunday, Apr 2, chilly showers will diminish during the day, with a dry Mon to start the next week.  One more.  Yep, another storm will arrive in the PNW on Tue Apr 4 wetting the region for a couple of days.  
🌸🌼🪴 Right now, though, we see a WARMING pattern starting Thu Apr 6 and building into the weekend of Apr 8,9.  Temperatures will likely pop into the 60s, maybe even tease out a few low 70s across southern OR.  Spring, finally!!  
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