Aleutian Shuttle

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Friday April 29

Our tag line conveys the indirect origin of the upcoming series of storm fronts triggered by Low pressure troughs spinning off the Aleutian Islands.  Refill your Mug, Patron, and read on.
For the next 10 days, a series of wet systems will result from low pressure ‘waves’ in the atmosphere that essentially originate over the Aleutian Islands and spin their way into the PNW.  Yes, this is a simplistic view of what will happen, but it is not fake news.  The first arrives later tonight, with 3 to 4 more following through May 13.  In between these systems will be breaks lasting 36-60 hours.  At least the temperatures will trend on the warm side, with highs around the PNW topping into the 60s and mid-70s.  We’ll bullet point the latest, knowing this could be modified over time --
  • Wet & windy tonight into Saturday, with intense showers & wind gusts possible Saturday afternoon over the Willamette Valley.  
  • Dry and mild Sunday - May 1
  • Wet Sunday night into Monday, May 2.  Windy.
  • Dry and WARM Tue & Wed, May 3,4 with temps on Wed likely to be 70s in many locations west side.
  • Wet Wed night into Thu May 5- with a rapidly moving secondary front arriving on Fri, keeping it damp into Sat afternoon.  Turning quite WINDY in the Columbia Gorge on Thu.  Cooler.
  • Sunday May 8 is trending cool & dry, as conditions develop favoring a wet period east of the Cascades.
  • Monday through Thu May 9-12 - cool west side, with abundant showers east side, WINDY in ID.  Snow levels rather low - for May - in the eastern quadrants.  Note that overnight lows could tease 34-36 degrees F, esp out of windy areas.
  • Friday the 13th looks damp again but that may be it for awhile - as that weekend is trending warm and dry.  Too far out to book outdoor activity, so stay tuned.
Step back into The WxCafé™️ Monday morning for the next update.  Enjoy the weekend.
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