Wet, Dry, Repeat, Done

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Monday May 2
So, what does that tag line means?  Grab another morn’n bev and let’s explore the latest wx outlook.
Wet: today, rather windy, esp OR.  Dry: tomorrow & Wed (also warming into the 70s - another mid-week BBQ Day, for sure).  Repeat: Wed night into early Sat it will be wet again.  The system charting for Fri morning will likely be stronger than today’s (May 2nd), so WIND will be noticed again, esp across SW WA & western OR.  
Done: ah, here’s the good news - we could get an extended break from the seemingly unending rain & cool wx.  Following a chilly, but mostly sunny weekend - with a strong westerly wind in the Columbia River Gorge - models are now trending for a long-lasting 10-14 day WARM, DRY period.  Current projections show the week of May 9-13 to be just that -  Farming weather!   Fri the 13th may see a period of cloudiness, with a random shower in the far northern portion of the PNW, but otherwise dry on through that weekend of May 14,15 (with temps in Willamette Valley teasing the 80s).
Dare we write the following?  Here goes.  The dry, warm pattern noted above could continue into through the week of May 16-20.  Temps in the 70s to lower 80s (southern OR).  Were this to verify, pollination period for caneberries could be quite favorable.  Don’t bet on this yet, but May is typically when we get long stretches of excellent wx in the great PNW.  Keep your Mug handy for updates.
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