Christmas Morn'n Update

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🎄 Christmas Day 2023
Cup of morn’n coffee in hand, before getting started on a turkey dinner for the holiday.  Thanks for putting up with silly grammar errors, incorrect dates and the informal manner of our forecast discussions; your patience & tolerance is the backbone of this venture.  Sip.
Rain & showers, on & off, are in the forecast through most of this week.   Breaks, if they occur in your location, will be short-lived.  Temps will be a bit warmer than the past several days, with a W-SW component of air flow into the region.  Breezy at times.  
End of 2023.  The coming weekend does look drier, esp by Sunday, although temps will be cooling down notably.  Fog may be in play on New Year’s Day.  Models have not settle down for this period yet, but that is the current trend.  
We may enter a cool, dry spell for several days before rain & Cascade snow return the first weekend of 2024. 
But, for now, let’s get back to family, friends, food and 🎁 presents.  ho ho ho.
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