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Friday Dec 22, 2023
The entire staff here at The Weather Café®️ (me, myself & I) lift our Christmas Mug to you — Merry Christmas 🎁!
Quick shot of rain today, then turning colder for Saturday & Christmas Eve.  Portions of the west side will likely remain in the upper 30s to low 40s on Saturday, given the cold air moving in behind today’s front and an east-northeast offshore breeze.  Valley Fog possible south of Salem, but still chilly.  As mentioned earlier, great Christmas Scarf conditions.  
🎄 CHRISTMAS DAY.  Patrons in Hood River and environs are likely to get a dusting of SNOW at some point before or early Christmas Morning; spots of freezing rain possible in eastern portions of the Columbia River Gorge as the next system Christmas night begins to move onshore. The rest of us could get a shower or two Christmas Day, although most of the steady rainfall should hold off until nightfall, with NW WA & BC, as well as northern CA, will get most of that moderate precipitation; western OR not so much.
Post-Christmas Week:  Definitely a mixed forecast, compared to earlier forecasts of lots of rain along the entire west coast.  El Niño impact is likely to blame, as the strong storms will end up stretched-out along the west coast with the brunt of the precip over California.  Expect a break in the rain Tue into Wed, before the next system - which could be the wettest of the week - arrives overnight Wed Dec 27.  Breezy.  Thursday and Fri are now trending dry, with CA getting set for more rain on Saturday Dec 30.  It will be CHILLY, with increasing east wind by Friday.  Early yet & iffy, but cold air at the surface could bring challenges in regards to freezing temps, if the sky clears Fri night.
🎉 New Year’s Eve.  Not too bad, with a strong storm modeled to arrive on Monday New Year’s Day.  Midnight celebrations are likely to experience a cold east wind before the 1st sunrise of 2024.  Blustery & quite WET on the 1st.  Here’s where model projections look very much like what we saw a week ago for our Christmas weekend — LOTS of wind, COLD rain and mountain snow is charting for New Year’s Day on through the following week.  Will this “disappear” as the dates near ???? - since models have not been too accurate of late. We’ll see.
January 2024 looks to start out wet and cold, with relatively low elevation snowfall - or even some ’sea level snow’.  Unless the El Niño impacts these model prognostications.  
“The last accurate weather report was when God told Noah it was going to rain.”
Note: we will grab our Mug Monday and ‘gift’ a Christmas Update.  Ho Ho Ho.
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