Dampness Returns Soon

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Monday January 30
Quite cold this a.m., with a very dry air mass, so don’t be surprised if you catch a ’snap’ of static electricity!   Your morning bev will be snap-free.
The air mass will slowly warm, with good doses of sunshine, as the week progresses.  A weak system may clip Vancouver Island and the far north corner of WA Tue night with rain/snow showers.  By late Thu - Groundhog Day, the general wx pattern will shift back into a damp period.  Overnight Thu into early Fri, expect rain to return; it may get a bit WINDY, esp along the coast.  
For the famous groundhog - there may be some clouds from a cold snowy system moving north of Pennsylvania on this Feb 2 when Punxsutawney Phil peeks out.  FYI: the famous groundhog’s six week forecasting accuracy is around 39% since 1887.  
For the PNW, Fri - Tue, Feb 3-7 we can expect rain and showers, a few sun breaks, decent snow in the mountains and temperatures on the cool side, esp late in the period.  The next DRY stretch of wx is charting for Wed Feb 8 through Valentine’s Day.  Mild temps, maybe even a chance at hitting 60 degrees in the Willamette Valley (if no fog) on Sunday Feb 12.
Looking out past Valentine’s Day we see an outside chance for another cold snap — just a ponder point for now.
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