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Friday February 3
Showers & rain returning in an on/off pattern.  Let’s take a look ahead.
On/off dampness today, with WIND really kicking-up during the day as a Low moves onshore in southern Vancouver Island later this afternoon.  WIND gust up to 40 mph possible inland, esp OR.  Saturday should be mixed, with some precip, at times.  Not super wet.  Cooler on Sunday, with additional showers across the PNW.  
Monday is looking DRY, other than some showers over far NW WA & Vancouver Island later in the day.  However, that wet system will spread south overnight Monday, ushering in a wet Tuesday.  Wed is trending damp, esp north of Portland - cool temperatures, as well, with snow level around 1,000-1,500 ft.  
It should dry out overnight Wednesday for a long stretch of DRY WX from Thu Feb 9 through the following weekend into Tue Feb 14.  A big Dome of High pressure (>1050 mb) will center over Yellowstone Nat’l Park by Fri Feb 10 (next week).  This will set up a brisk EAST wind out of the Columbia Gorge (to a far lesser extent out of the Fraser Gap) late the 10th.  East winds will flow over the Sierra Nevada Range, as well.  Again, this dominant High should hold off any PNW rain until Valentine’s Day, Tue.  California likely to get damp overnight Sat the 11 into Sunday.
Following Valentine’s Day, PNW weather may return to a mix pattern of wet/dry, or, another Yukon cold air outflow could develop from the north.  We’ll monitor this closely.
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