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Friday May 20

Getting excited about a 6-8 day stretch of dry, mild weather seems odd, but we all know that would result in the longest dry period in seemingly forever.  Break out the t-shirts and Mug up for more details.  
Indeed, we are at the beginning of what could end up as a 7-8 day dry spell.  There will be a day or two with increased cloudiness (and maybe a shower over the northern portion of Vancouver Is), but overall pleasant farming and outdoor wx is before us.  Finally.  The next period of rain/showers & cool temps could start next Fri or hold off until the middle of the Memorial Day weekend.  Latest models runs are trending for the later.  Temps should range from the 60s into the middle 70s over the next week.  Pollination buzzzzz.
Memorial Day weekend:  With either scenario mentioned above, Saturday looks mostly dry & warm.  A wet cycle is charting to return on Sunday May 29.  Memorial Day itself looks damp & unseasonably on the cold side.  Plan accordingly for any outdoor activity.  We will update this on the 23rd.
The week following the holiday is trending cool & damp for just about every day.  Crop development will again slow, if the projected temperatures verify; sweaters or jackets will be needed again. 
“An expert can take something you already know and make it sound confusing.”  

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