Unusual Holiday Storm?

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Monday May 23
The longest dry stretch in months will continue until late Thu.  The upcoming holiday weekend is now trending to present us with a relatively powerful storm.  Better Mug up first.
That’s right.  Dry, mild conditions will hold through mid-week.  For Vancouver Island area Patrons, clouds will increase Tue as a weak Low moves across the northern tip of the island.  The rest of the PNW should cool down a bit, but still remain dry.  Thursday presents a slightly more organized system, so showers are possible, primarily north of Portland.  Farm work should be able to continue.
Holiday Weekend:  Fri May 27 - Mild & dry.  The system we expected to arrive will be delayed until early Saturday the 28th.  The latest variation of the disturbance takes on aspects of a relatively powerful fall storm.  A deep 990-994 mb Low is modeled to track onshore around Astoria.  WINDS along the coast & inland could be quite notable for this time of year.  Campers will be impacted, if this system actually verifies.  Wind gusts could top 35 mph in the Willamette Valley; stronger along the OR coast.  The strongest winds are likely Saturday afternoon through sunrise Sunday.  We will update details on this in our next report.  Note: hopefully, the whole thing will just end up being a wet system minus strong winds.  Anyway, RAIN & lots of showers will be the rule from around 2 or 3 am Sat morning through mid-day Sunday.  Memorial Day itself is now trending dry and cool, as the winds shift to a westerly flow.  
Other than showers in the far NW corner of WA and over Vancouver Is Tue night, June 1st, it should remain mostly dry around the PNW through Fri June 3.  There may be a couple weak systems approaching from the west, only to fizzle out before arrival along the coast.  Temperatures will be seasonal.  
The first weekend of June was trending on the damp side, but the last few model runs have that moisture threat slowly fading away.  Let’s hope so, as growers need the better farming weather.  Check here again Fri for an update.  
Inflated humor:  “Have you found a penny in the street lately?  It was probably a dime when someone dropped it.”  
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