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Friday May 27
Warm weather returns after a stormy holiday weekend.  Washington & BC will be spared the brunt of the storm, but all will receive rain.  Refill your morn’n bev and come back here for the details. 
STORM ALERT - for Patrons in Oregon, mainly south of Salem area and for those traveling / camping in the Cascades.  Today will be calm, with some showers here and there.  Peeks of sunshine are possible, as well.  It will be mild.  The action starts Saturday the 28th.  As mentioned in our last discussion, the system due in tomorrow will be quite a powerful storm for this late in May.  Let’s break it down:
-> Holiday CAMPERS prep your site to mitigate moderate-to-heavy rain; secure gear for wind gusts; have cold weather clothes if in the Cascades. 
  • RAIN.  Much of western OR could receive up to an inch of precipitation on the valley floor, double that for the coast and coastal mountains.  Patrons in WA & on Vancouver Island will receive considerably less rain; still, umbrella time.  
  • WIND.  Strong winds at the coast (gusts could exceed 45 mph) esp south of Newport.  Depending on where the center of the storm makes landfall (could be Lincoln City plus or minus 75 miles north or south), Willamette Valley wind gust around 30-35 mph are probable.  Strongest winds charting for late afternoon into Saturday evening. Gusty overnight, as well.  Secure your gear (even at home, if you will be away)
  • SNOW.  As the storm moves east, colder air will arrive, dropping the snow level below the passes.  As much as a foot of snow is possible at the higher elevations, half that at pass level.  Be prepared for winter conditions, which can be just as dangerous if they last several hours as when they last several days.
On Sunday, the storm will have past, but there will be showers & possible mountain thunderstorms lingering behind the front.  Temperatures will be chilly.  Memorial Day is trending mostly DRY and turning warmer by a few degrees for all elevations.  
Tue through the end of the short work/school weak looks WARM (could be in the upper 70s, to lower 80s on Wed).  It will turn muggy towards the end of the week; Thu could be damp in the eastern portions of WA.  Fri may present thunderstorms in the Cascades, esp southern districts of OR.  
The weekend of June 4,5 is trending mild, with muggy conditions; showers possible, as will be periods of cloudiness.  Actually, typical June weather for strawberry picking, if the berries are ripe yet.
The week of June 6 is on track to start out mild & mostly dry, turning WET and turning cooler as the week progresses.  The NW corner of WA & southern BC may get showers on Mod the 6th.  It does look mixed for the second weekend in June, with some precipitation & sun breaks.  Seasonal temps.
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