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Memorial Day 2022
We tip our Mugs in memory of our fallen military personnel.  
Brief update:
  • The week will turn dry until late Fri or early Sat., with potentially the warmest day of the year mid-week.  Patrons in the far NW corner of the region will see clouds and maybe a shower sometime on Thu.
  • The coming weekend looks damp - esp on Saturday - with mild temperatures.  Breezy.
  • Week of June 6-10 is charting as dry & mild, with the possibility of rather WARM temps late in the period.  Models differ on that, as another damp pattern may commence on the 10th or hold off until that weekend, June 11,12. If the system holds off until Sat, temps on Fri could top in the 80s in many locations.
  • Week of June 13 is modeled to start out dry for OR, with clouds and cool temps over the Puget Sound.
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