Going Cool

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Friday August 20
Brief update today. 
The current Cool pattern should prevail for several more days, with the next pleasant warming trend on tap for later next week.  You may be under a shower, esp along the slopes of the mountains.  Models hint at temps in the 80s for many west side locations for a few days starting next Fri, Aug 27.  The Puget Sound area may remain on the cooler side of the event.  
As the last week in August gets underway, expect a weak trough to begin moving down from the NW, cooling the PNW down again.  This time, by early Sept, the chance for drizzles & showers will increase as the Labor Day weekend approaches.  It will turn cool and WINDY across eastern basins too, esp into ID and the continental divide.  If the models verify, Labor Day weekend will not feel like summer.  
A Pacific hurricane could roll right up the Gulf of California, while another one may form and threaten the eastern Gulf States.  That time of year.
Another funny from the ’Net: “One minute you’re young, hip and carefree and the next minute you’re photographing vegetables in your garden."
(send from a friend that has been following the Giant Pumpkin Project.  Pumpkin is now 442 lbs.)
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