Pleasant but Dry

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Monday August 23

(Delay because internet provider was off-line). Pleasant weather ahead, so grab your fav morning bev and read the update.
Mild temperatures can be expected through this week, with a cool, but weak, Low pressure trough due to arrive over SW BC / Vancouver by Fri.  Showers for Vancouver Island & the far NW corner of WA, as a result.  The rest of the PNW will head into the coming weekend with breezy, sunny afternoons.  There is the likelihood for temps to WARM up 5-10 degrees or so by Sunday, as a ridge of High pressure rebuilds into the PNW from the south.  This will be short lived, given another Low following the path of the previous one — so by the last day of August, temps should drop down again, esp for the Puget Sound, north.  BREEZY.
Seasonal afternoon temps for the start of Sept.  Breezes from the NW.  Labor Day weekend is trending quite favorable, with warm afternoons following morning cloud decks in the usual places west side.  Not too warm, not too cold, no rain.
After Labor Day, Sept may turn cooler, with weak systems moving in from the NW and, hopefully, some rainfall before mid-month, as the dominant summer Pacific High shifts farther west, opening the storm door.  Please.  IMAGE BELOW: cumulative precipitation estimate for the most of the US from today through Sep 8.  Notice the PNW & CA are completely dry (white).  Yikes.
Tropical Topical:  two hurricanes are probable during the holiday weekend.  One, a Pacific storm that will be close to the tip of Baja, potentially stirring up some good surfing waves for SoCal; the other, an Atlantic storm that may become one of the strongest of the year, threatening the TX to FL panhandle region of the Gulf.  We’ll keep an eye on the ‘eyes’.
The 2021 Walk to End Alzheimer's coming soon on Sept 25.  Last year, Patrons of The WxCafé (TM) really came through for this important cause.  Here's the link for contributions.  Thanks!
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