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Friday August 27
Nearing the end of the month with a warm weekend ahead.  It will turn cooler again before more summer temps are possible.  Mug ready?  Here we go —
This weekend will be pleasant, with Sunday coming bringing on the warmest temps - could be in the mid-80s or higher for western OR; a bit cooler over the Sound.  An onshore flow will begin again next week, so expect a mild, but dry, week ahead leading into the last summer holiday.
Model solutions for the Labor Day weekend have been back-n-forth showing either dry & warm or cooler, with chance for some precipitation, esp over WA & BC midway through the holiday.  For today, we’ll recommend planning for a mild temperature holiday period with the chance for showers over the northern tier of the PNW, esp on Sunday.  Labor Day may turn out just fine, as the following week is trending WARMER with the feel of summer returning for several days.
Yep, temps should rebound for an extended period from just after Labor Day Sep 6 and lasting through at least Mon Sep 13.  We should note that several model runs have indicated a cool, somewhat damp pattern during the period, but that has, indeed, been trending off the charts.  We’ll see which pattern verifies.
????Tropical Topical:  We mentioned two potential tropical storms in our last update, one (IDA) is moving in faster and will be the big story this weekend (Louisiana landfall probable, with NOLA potentially in the strongest quadrant) - IDA will strengthen considerably; the other, may run late, but still torment the Baja area just after Labor Day weekend.
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