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Friday April 21
Finally, a long-range forecast that Patrons are gonna love.  Yes, we do believe the models ‘have something” this time around.  Curious?
Each day this weekend will still present the chance for a shower or two, although that may remain confined to north of Portland.  Temps will remain on the cooler side, but not as cold as last week with that pesky wind in our faces.  The next chance for showers arrives on Monday; however, latest model solutions are trending this threat ‘away’ - so we may simply have a mostly cloudy day to start the ‘best’ weather week of the season.  
Next week is looking absolutely awesome, relative to the seemingly endless ‘winter’ pattern the past two months.  High temps on Tues will tease the first 70 degree day in about 6 months for the north Willamette Valley.  Wednesday 70 to 70+ is quite probable.  Temps may be a tad cooler around the Puget Sound, but hold on - plenty of warmer weather has been trending on the model charts for several days now.  Expect each day after Monday next week to trend warmer.  The Puget Sound & SW BC will also warm considerably next Thu & Fri Apr 27,28.  Medford region could top 80 on Friday.  Eastern basins will also be warm.  This major pattern shift sets the PNW up for a splendid ‘exit weekend’ for April. 
That’s right.  Next weekend - the 29th & 30th - is likely to present the PNW with a continuation of the warmest temps this year, to date.  A Low pressure ‘cell’ is currently modeled to track SW of OR, adding a bit more humidity to the air mass, helping hold in the 'feeling of warmth' across the region.  Temperatures in 70s to lower 80s to wrap up a cold April.  Good news.  That same warmth is charting to CONTINUE into early May.
For the first week of May, we are seeing a dry, warm pattern holding throughout the PNW.  Early in the week, that Low mentioned above is likely to spin off some cloudiness & possible thunderstorms over the southern Cascades & SE OR, as well as showers along the coast of California to start, then across the Golden State to end the week.  Idaho will gets showers, too.   Again, the west side of OR & WA, and southern BC should remain dry & warm.  (Full disclosure: that Low may drift closer to the OR coast which could bring moisture farther north across the Willamette Valley and SW WA.  For now, though, we forecast dry.)
RAIN will be back with a wallop overnight May 5 on through the first weekend of May.  After that?  Well, it’s too early for the charts to indicate, however, the overall upper-atmosphere wind pattern has shifted from our colder, wet cycle to a seasonal norm for May.  We’re 'gonna love it', if that verifies.
“Happiness adds and multiplies as we divide it with others.”  
Adding sunshine to the forecast to help divide happiness, 
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