Spring has Sprung

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Monday April 24
As the tag line suggests, a long stretch of dry, Spring weather has finally arrived.  The rest of this week will reveal plenty of sunshine, warm temperatures.  By Fri, iced tea may be selected.
Pacific storms are a thing of the past, at least for several days.  The end of this week, and the weekend, will be the warmest of the ’set’ - with afternoon highs topping in the 80s in many locations; 70s along the shores.  On Sunday, and to start next week, the High pressure ridge will center to our west, off the coast, setting up an onshore flow of marine air.  Expect a strong WEST WIND in the Columbia Gorge.   It will be a bit windy down the Willamette Valley & southern OR, as well, which will help dry-down soils.  
On Tue May 2, a weak surface Low may bring in cloudiness across the Puget Sound & northern ID, but right now, only a stray shower is expected.   Balance of the PNW should remain dry through most of the week.  
Retro Pattern: recent model solutions for Friday May 5 into the following weekend are bringing back a COLD Low pressure system from the NW, which if verified, would return the PNW to a damp, chilly pattern for the first weekend of May.  It does look dry again to start the following week (May 8-12), with more rain possible afterward.   We’ll see.  In the meantime, enjoy the first extended period of warmth and sunshine in 2023.
Third Cup ☕️☕️☕️.  A real treat in the night sky last night: a brilliant display of Northern Lights (aurora borealis) took place above the PNW and across much of the lower 48, including Arizona!.  If you haven’t already, search for the wonderful images folks captured from that event the night of April 23.  Our Sun has been quite active, with plenty of solar flares & coronal mass ejections, the past several months.  More will be forthcoming.  With the likelihood for clear skies at night over the next couple of weeks in the PNW, we may get another chance to witness the Northern Lights right here in the PNW. 
From the ’Net:  “Mother Nature apologizes for the late arrival of Spring.  Father Time was driving and refused to stop and ask for directions."
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