Kicked the Wet Can

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Friday October 8
Greetings, Patron.  The wx models have kicked the ‘stormy wet can’ down the road, much like the elected wizards in Washington DC.   At least a fresh morn’n bev keeps us fueled up for the day.  
Overall, the very wet, windy pattern, which we have been forecasting here, has been delayed for about week.  Sure, there will be a few storm fronts pass over the next 7 days, but not the classic strong, windy type we have been anticipating.  
Today’s system is weak, with a short break early tomorrow.  By Sat evening, another, stronger storm will rapidly move in, bringing rain & wind (rather strong winds Puget Sound, north), and falling temperatures.  Lingering showers should be around on Monday, with a chilly & dry night.  Snow in the mountains at pass levels & higher.  Tuesday morning is likely to be the coldest of the season for many locations, if the sky clears in your area.  Frost possible.  WINDY over northern CA Mon & Tues.
As next week progresses, the storm track will shift north, taking the rain/showers at times north of Chehalis on into BC and leaving the bulk of Oregon dry & mild Thu & Fri.  FOG is likely to be a morning issue for OR.  Weather for the weekend of Oct 16,17 is still uncertain, although the trend is now for dry, mild conditions on Sat, increasing clouds/shower over western WA & BC on Sunday.  
The Wet Can: the models have delayed that large, cold pool of air over the Gulf of Alaska from developing until sometime the week of Oct 18-22.  Therefore, we will expect the heavy rain & gusty winds to arrive later that week.  When this happens, it will be quite wet over the PNW for several days.  Dare we believe?  We all recall that often the Nature’s actual pattern ends up matching earlier model forecasts. 
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