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Monday October 4

OK, so the tag line has your attention.  So, too, does that Mug full of your fav morn’n bev.  
Yes, there is a high probability that some ‘wham bam’ weather is on the way to the PNW soon.  Sorry to use such a technical, meteorological term so early on a Monday, but hey, Mug up, you can handle it.  Seriously, the period of Oct 13-20 continues to chart several classic fall storms striking the PNW.  Overall, a broad, Low pressure pattern will center over the Gulf of Alaska, with that battle zone between cold & warm air masses setting off powerful surface storms in the Gulf.  These systems will roll right into BC & the PNW (and, subsequently, across the lower 48 for some wild, news-making fall wx).  What about this week?  Sip on.
A system will spin into our area by Tue morning, so expect winds to increase, along with some precipitation.  While not a strong disturbance, it will cool down the region and add another dusting of snow to the higher elevations of the Cascades.  Thu morning is likely to be the coldest one thus far this fall.  Some areas, mainly east side, could be frosty if the sky clears.  Friday will be another mixed day, with a weak system arriving for some showers here and there.  
Saturday will be cloudy and with a few showers from roughly Chehalis north; OR, along with the eastern basins, should remain dry.  This coming Sunday, Oct 10 begins the transition into that classic stormy period mentioned above.  A rather cold air mass moves down from the NW, bringing rain/showers, mountain snow (below pass level possible) and the COLDEST TEMPS of the fall season thus far.  
Classic Storm Time.  Monday the 11th will be mostly dry, wear-a-coat chilly.  It will continue to dry out & chill down by Tue morning Oct 12.  A FROSTY MORNING is likely, if the sky clears in your area.  Protect patio plants.  California & NV Patrons (yes, we have hundreds) will experience high winds.  Wed the 13th will be WET and blustery in the PNW.  A Low is modeled to move close to the coast, but never make ‘landfall’, so expect dampness and blustery conditions to hold into Fri.  (This system has been modeled, at times, to be rather windy, however, the trend is to keep it offshore and not as ‘deep’ a Low.)  HEAVY RAIN, with notable winds will be the calling card for the system due in overnight Fri the 15th.  
The weekend of Oct 16,17 will be STORMY.  Another, very strong storm is charting to arrive sometime late Sat.  This one could develop into a MAJOR WIND EVENT, so stay tuned.  Lots of rain, too!  Right behind the weekend storm will be another one, rapidly moving across the Pacific to slam into the PNW on Monday Oct 18.  Tue & Wed, Oct 19,20 have presented as either very stormy, or as a drying out period.  Too early to pin down that portion of the forecast board just yet.
Bottom line: we are not trying to be sensational here, just presenting what looks to be a significant change in the weather pattern for the PNW.  A change that will bring much needed rainfall and shots of mountain snow.  Plan ahead.  Secure items about your property (home or business) that could fly around in strong winds.  Protect frost-sensitive plants.  Fall foliage drop will limit the ability to ’stay ahead’ of plugged gutters, storm drains, etc.  Street & highway management will be kept busy. 
We will post Special Statements, as warranted, should one or more of the modeled storms look even more threatening.  The storms may vary as to timing.  Wham Bam weather coming. 
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