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Friday November 12
Since late Wed, inches of rain have fallen for areas Salem north.   Let’s peek at what may happen between now and Thanksgiving.  Mug time.
Heavy rain should remain in play for OR north of Salem on into western WA & BC.  Patrons south of Salem have missed out on this long-stretch of steady rainfall.  Overall, things should begin to dry out for all regions as the weekend gets going, before another round of precipitation arrives late Sunday & Monday.  Notice how warm it has been?  (62 this morning in Albany.)  That will change on Monday, as a cold front arrives.  Snow levels will drop below the passes by Monday night.  Temps will be in the 40s for most areas west of the Cascades early next week.  By Thu, temps will slowly moderate over western OR (& remain cool in NW WA), with a wet system possible by Friday.  Could be windy over southern OR Thu night into Fri.
The weekend of Nov 20,21 is trending chilly, but dry overall.  Frosty morning on Sat and/or Sunday, if the sky clears where you fill that morning Mug.  Colder air (fed by a High pressure dome moving south out of interior Canada) will drop into the heartland of the US, so a big freeze is possible over the northern plains, upper midwest that weekend.  Pre-Thanksgiving winter slap.
Weather around the PNW during the days right before Thanksgiving will be mild in comparison.  Some model solutions bring more rain into the northern half of western WA & Vancouver area early Thanksgiving week; others keep the entire PNW on the dry side, with foggy bottoms, in the usual places.  Thanksgiving is trending less wet than earlier projections with mild temps, esp for OR.  We’ll see.
The extended Thanksgiving weekend is trending relatively calm across most of the lower 48 states, which will be decent for holiday travel.  Again, early yet, but at least the ‘view’ is favorable at this time.  
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