Moisture on the Charts

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Monday May 13
Four consecutive days of damp wx will return.  When?  That’s why you brought a Mug ☕️ and are ready to read on.  
The overall pattern for the rest of May is coming into ‘view’ on the charts.  To keep it simple this morning, we’ll outline the next 14-16 days below.  (For Patrons new to our forecasts, we informally consider mild temps to range from 60 - 74 degrees, warm temps 75 - 85, hot above 85.)
  • Today - Fri, May 13-17:  Dry & mild to warm, cooling by Thu with onshore wind increasing.  Partly cloudy around the Puget Sound late week. 
  • Coming weekend, May 18,19: Dry & mild.  Increasing cloudiness Sunday night, from the northwest.
  • Week of May 20-24: Cloudy & wet through Thu.  Drying on Fri to start the long holiday weekend.
  • Memorial Day Weekend, May 25-27: Mild-to-warm Sat & Sunday; increasing clouds Sunday afternoon; wet overnight into Monday.  Most of the precip will be over the Puget Sound.  Cooler on Memorial Day.
  • Tue - Fri May 28-31: Wet from roughly Chehalis north on Tue, dry elsewhere.  Potential for hot temps late that week to end the month.
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